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Country Flow Yoga in the Gers !
 Holistic health & power-yoga workshop in Marciac
20 Juillet 2019 en français / July 19th, 2019 in English 

What : One day of 4 workshops : Dynamic Yoga; Naturopathy as a source of energy; energizing Zen-Shiatsu massage workshop; Yin yoga. Vitality brunch; healthy apero.

When :
Friday, July 19th (in english)
Samedi, 20 juillet (en français)

Who :
Christine Buisan, naturopath and certified yoga teacher RYT 200; Participation of Charles Aronson, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Where :
La Kravezac chambre d'hôtes B&B 32230 Laveraet ( Marciac)
www. (on-site accommodation possible)

Price : 90 euros per day

Registration : Max 8 persons/ Pre-registration required
Christine Buisan
Tel/cell : (+33) 06 61 32 00 61


To stimulate your vitality and happiness, we propose a workshop which blends Dynamic Yoga and Naturopathy, presented by Christine Buisan, a Naturopath and certified Yoga teacher, with the participation of a chinese medicine practionner.

The techniques utilised concern those of Dynamic Yoga, which include not only introspection and meditation, but also development of strength, breathing practices, and flexibility. This practice will be complemented by Naturopathy and energizing massage techniques.

These approaches have proven effective in practice, and are easy to understand and put into daily use.

- 8.30: Welcome:Energy infusion
The morning begins with an energy-filled Green Juice.

- 9.00-10.30 : Ashtanga inspired Yoga practice.
This style of Yoga is intense and effective. Its perspiration further pushes toxins through the skin's pores. The practice will stimulate and nourish the entire body deeply and thoroughly.

- 10.45-11.45 Naturopathy presentation
This presentation will cover the most common health issues related to energy. It will illustrate solutions within everybody's reach, such as effective use of ""super-foods"".

- 12.00 noon-1.30 pm "Energy-Vitality" Brunch - We will enjoy a tasty, energizing and revitalizing meal.

-1.30-3.00 pm -Energizing Zen-Shiatsu massage workshop (Charles Aronson L.AC, C.M.T)
The presentation will begin with theories and principles of eastern massage for health and balance, encompassing the concept of Qi, meridian theory, five element organ theory, with emphasis on trigger points techniques. We will also do hands-on practice neck and shoulder massage.

-3.15-4.30 pm Yin Yoga
After a brief break, what about a session of Yin Yoga? We will work with our deep muscles and tissues, which liberate the joints and gain elasticity of muscle fibers.

Finally, we will share a guided-relaxation, calming the mind, harmonizing the body, and restfully consolidating the day's practices: Dynamic Yoga, Naturopathy, Conscious eating, energizing massage techniques, and the deep stretch of Yin Yoga.

-4.30-5.30 pm Debriefing and Vitality apero
We finish with a healthy snack and aperitif.

The yoga teacher and naturopath Christine Buisan

Connecting mind and body through yoga and naturopathy
I have been teaching yoga in Cauterets and the Valley of Gaves since 2006, working with athletes, teenagers, and seniors
 ( including persons suffering from post-traumatic physical challenges) More recently, I added naturopathy to my portfolio.
Naturopathy provides a fruitful complement to my yoga practice and allows me to propose courses and exercises that respect and respond to the needs of each individual's physical state and anatomy .
I focus on contemporary dynamic yoga, enriching my practice with the latest thinking and practices in Europe and the USA (Flow, Strength building, and aerobic training).
I conceive yoga as a great way to build a mind-body connection, going well beyond a simple workout - it connects thought and physical exercise toward a better state of health and, as a result, an overall sense of happiness and well-being.
What I propose
I apply a flexible and progressive program. The overall approach is dynamic, focusing on developing strength, balance, flexibility and endurance, while making sure participants always enjoy their work-out. This approach of linking breathing, exercise and concentration, brings a sense of inner calm, increased mental discipline and improved focus.
Dynamic Yoga of Ashtanga inspiration involves continuous movement, following the rhythm of one's breathing. It helps in developing strength and endurance, while improving the emotional state of mind.
Vinyasa Flow is a tonic and fluid flow of yoga postures with corresponding breathing rhythms. Attention is particularly focused on breathing, physical alignment and self-awareness. This practice brings flexibility, strength, concentration and relaxation.
Power Yoga of Vinyasa inspiration has been developed in the USA . It focuses on breathing and a strong sweaty workout, resulting in a worked body and a focused mind.
Naturopathy consultation and education, offering health screening, recommendations, nutritional counseling, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and stress-management. For those with health issues involving circulatory, respiratory, endocrine and allergies, a plan of action and treatment is offered fit to each individuals needs.
-Aromatherapy is combined with Naturopathy recommendations to offer a more complete benefit.
As an Educator, workshops and conferences also offered covering various topics of benefit, helping understanding of the relation of good health and Naturopathy and Nutrition.
My Diplomas and Certifications
I am a certified Yoga teacher by the Yoga Alliance RYT200: 
  • Hatha Yoga with Dale Morphew Balance Point Yoga - September 2008 
      ● Ashtanga Yoga with Mark Darby - June 2013
  • Numerous Iyengar workshops with noted educator Karen Stephan. The Iyengar Yoga method is based on alignment of the skeleton, and offers a progression of the practice based on respecting the anatomy of each individual. Iyengar Yoga is much employed for Therapeutic Yoga, as well as daily practice for athletes, as it respects the indivdual's osteo-articulation potential
I am certified naturopath:
• JPHM certification — Great Britain (2016)
• Nutrition - Nutrithérapie - Educo Santé Quebec Canada 2017
• Formation Heilpraktiker 2017 - 2018
• Circulatory System - june 2018
• Digestif system september 2016
• Endocrines glands - December 2017
• Respiratory Allergies - November 2018
• Dr Alan Morse, Nutrition USA 2018 - 2019
• Aromatherapy February - March 2019


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